Bulk Salmon 25 lbs
Bulk Salmon 25 lbs

Bulk Salmon 25 lbs

Pure wild pacific salmon is a great food that contains the whole salmon (cleaned to human consumption) salmon is an excellent food for allergies and has many benefits for their eyes and coats. This salmon is all tested for mercury and is frozen long enough to kill all parasites, because salmon is a fatty fish it is high in omega-3 fatty acids, these fats support the immune system.

Sold in 5lb & 25 lb boxes - Each patty is 8oz or .5lb

Salmon Nutrition 

  • Fat 12.9 g  
  • Protein 41.8      
  • Moisture 152 g  
  • Calcium 0.42 g    
  • Phosphorus .85 g  
  • Calories 354