Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there bone in the Beef Dinner?

A.  No we do not put bone into our beef dinner, the bone is to hard to grind into a size that is easily digested by the  dog and we do not believe in using bone dust or bone meal as the origins of these products are impossible to trace. These types of  products comes from the slaughter plants and are the by-product of their cutting process.

Q. How do I change my dog from Kibble to a RAW diet?

A. Always start your dog on a RAW diet in the morning, it can take up to 12 plus hours for kibble to digest in the dogs guts.  There is no need to have an elaborate process to do the switch to a raw diet, Just DO IT...eating a raw diet is the most natural foods for a dog to digest. NEVER MIX KIBBLE AND RAW TOGETHER, THE TWO FOODS DIGEST AT VERY DIFFERENT RATES, RAW WILL DIGEST IN 2 TO 3 HOURS AND KIBBLE WILL TAKE UPWARDS OF 12 HOURS, THE DIFFERENCES CAN CAUSE STOMACH UPSET.

Q. Can I feed kibble and a raw diet?

A. Yes you can as long as they are fed at completely different meals, if you want to feed both, feed a raw diet in the morning and kibble at night due to the digestive differences. However; your dog will benefit more from eating only a RAW diet.  

Q, Are the meats we use organic?

A. No the meats we use are not organic, however; we do use hormone free antibiotic free meats!!

Q. Sometimes Salmon is different colors why is that and what causes it

A.  We use different varieties of salmon depending on the time of year. Some are bright pink and red while other varieties are almost a brown color.

Q. What is the percent of veggie mix and organs in the dinners

A. Chicken and Turkey dinners contain 10% veggies/ fruit mixture and 10 % organ meats (always protein specific) 
beef contains 15% liver and 25% veggies/fruit mixture

Q.  Can I feed raw to a puppy.

A. Yes... a puppy will benefit greatly from a raw diet, a raw diet is most natural to any dog of any age, puppies and dogs digest raw and gain the nutrients to aid in strong dense bone development   Puppies bones will grow more dense and at a more natural rate, a puppies fur will be soft and their breath sweet. Less gas and bloating as well as smaller poops. 

Q. Is it ok to switch my senior dog to RAW

A. Yes it is excellent for a senior dog to eat a raw diet, it is good for their overall health and vitality. Senior dogs sometimes have issues with their teeth from years of eating kibble, but a soft raw diet will help them live their senior years to their fullest. 

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